Explore, Dream, Discover Together - Ireland and Japan - Irish Popcorn! [Rewatch ▷]

Irish Popcorn! - Explore, Dream, Discover Together - Ireland and Japan

Solas Nua's Irish Popcorn! film series and NYU Washington, DC present
Explore, Dream, Discover Together - Ireland and Japan

2020 | Documentary | Runtime: 24 minutes | English, Irish & Japanese

This event took place on
November 18 • 7 PM ET


The post-film discussion will feature:

  • Jessop Petroski and Raodhmann Mac Murchaidh, co-creators of this unique international collaboration.

  • Author and former Irish diplomat Paul Murray as moderator for the discussion.

Introduction by Solas Nua’s Kate Meenan-Waugh

Rewatch the full discussion below | Runtime: 55 minutes

Led by Belfast born but Tokyo living Raodhmann Mac Murchaidh and Ohio-born Irish American Jessop Petroski, creative collaborators from Japan, Ireland, and America come together to tackle our lockdown-affected comfort zones to connect Japan with Ireland, her people, and places with creativity and technology.

COVID 19 has been a unique ordeal for much of the world, and as we begin to step out from under its shadow Explore, Dream and Discover Together is a platform for people to discover new places despite our inability to travel and engage with one another in person. 

Featuring "Run", by Akira Miyanaga - An audio-visual abstraction of Ireland's natural landscapes and profound culture, created with the help of filmmaker Alasdair McBroom. Join Akira, as he experiences one of the oldest cultures in Europe, Ireland.

Also featuring the music of Imlé, North, Séamus Ó Suilleabháin.
Documentary editor: Naoko Masuda.

Audience Reviews

  • “It was very moving. Really incredible!”

  • “Mind blowing images and music.”

  • “Great show! I enjoyed it tremendously.”

  • "I watched "RUN" this morning (US) and words can't describe how beautiful the film is! The scenery is beautiful on it's own, but when Akira uses his artistry to layer the scenes, it becomes something absolutely dazzling. Then the music and Yoko's stories add more layers which take you deeper into the heart of Ireland. I'm moved by this project and desperately want to go to Ireland. A great collaboration and use of creativity to produce something quite spectacular. Job well done!"

Irish Popcorn! takes place on the last Wednesday of every month •

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