May The Road Rise Up by Rosemary Jenkinson - Play Reading

Amanda Forstrom

Join us for a live reading of the play "May the Road Rise Up" by Belfast playwright Rosemary Jenkinson & performed by actor Amanda Forstrom - The Mansion on O Street

When Mia’s boyfriend leaves her, she falls into debt and loses her job, but she still stays cheerful throughout our recessionary times. Mia is aided and abetted by her BFF, wedding singer, Paddy, who can sniff out a party at a hundred yards and, when it comes to acting disabled in the benefits office, he makes Liam Neeson look like an amateur! Then, one day, Mia lands a new job, driving round Belfast’s busy streets, and thinks to herself surely life is on the up. Little does she know, she could be about to get closer to those streets than she ever imagined…

Sun, June 9, 2019 • 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM EDT

Doors open 3:00 PM

Reading begins: 4:00 PM

FREE to attend on-line reservations are required. Cash bar.

To explore beyond the second floor of The Mansion a tour or treasure hunt must be purchased - see ticket options to add.


Rosemary Jenkinson is a short-story writer, playwright and poet from Belfast. She was writer-on-attachment at The National Theatre in 2010 and her plays have been produced in Dublin, London, Edinburgh, New York and Washington DC. Radio plays include Castlereagh to Kandahar (BBC Radio 3) and The Blackthorn Tree (BBC Radio 4). The Bonefire won the Stewart Parker BBC Radio Drama Award in 2006. She has published two short story collections: Contemporary Problems Nos. 53 & 54, published by Lagan Press in 2004; and Aphrodite's Kiss, published by Whittick Press in 2016.

Amanda Forstrom is an actress, director, choreographer, teaching artist, and voice-over artist. Born and raised in rural Minnesota she is now based in Washington, DC and works in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. She received her MFA in Acting from the University of South Carolina and her BA in Theatre from The College of Saint Benedict in St. Cloud, MN. She recently appeared in JUNK at Arena Stage.

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