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Solas Nua is proud to present a Digital Theatre Festival of Prime Cut Productions this November 18 - 21. Prime Cut is a leading company of contemporary theatre in Belfast, and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to these dynamic plays from Northern Ireland. The festival includes four US premieres and is the first North American showcase of this award-winning company. Box office is open now, featuring a festival pass or single tickets to each performance. The plays will stream on-demand throughout the festival. 

You’re going to love Prime Cut!

Individual tickets - $15
Festival Pass - $50 - save $10 and see all 4 shows

Father The Father

Father The Father

Gilly Campbell's debut play is based on her own personal journey of growing up not knowing who her father was, only beginning her search for him 45 years later. Gilly’s mother who is from Downpatrick, became pregnant in 1973 and was not married; deciding to hide her pregnancy by moving away to England. Gilly knew nothing about her father, nor did her mother.  The profound story details Gilly’s thoughts, feelings and questions surrounding her father, someone who she had never met.

Speaking about the process of creating ‘Father the Father’ Gilly said: “I began the search for my father around two and a half years ago. It started with an online DNA test and more details became unveiled. I began writing everything down. My story is but one version, one journey of many children who were born to Irish women, single, unmarried women. There’s so much I’ll never know about my father, so the play is an exploration of asking the questions that I’ll never have the answer to. At times it is sad, yet hopeful, and it is just one of the stories from the dark ages of secrecy that surrounded “illegitimate” children in Ireland.”

Award-winning Belfast actress, Abigail McGibbon, stars in this one-woman play.

My Left Nut

My Left Nut

400 milliliters. That’s how much liquid was drained from Michael’s left testicle when he was a teenager. That’s more than a can of coke. He should have told someone sooner, but who could he turn to? His dad died ten years ago, and besides, school is full of rumours about what the giant bulge in his trousers actually is. Who wants to stop that? 

My Left Nut  was the winner of 2018’s Summerhall Lustrum Award and selected by The Guardian as ‘One of the Best Shows’ at Edinburgh Fringe, 2018.

The true story of a Belfast boy growing up with no father to guide him through and a giant ball to weigh him down. 
This production was recorded as part of the Shedinburgh Festival 2020



Removed is a funny, moving and shocking insight into the experiences of a young man sharing his story of living within the state care system. 

Adam is ok to share his story; really its all right. It’s ok that his life was turned upside down…and the social workers were nice, kinda…. and the foster homes, well… and his baby brother Joe???”

Adam’s Story is fictional. It is not the story of any one individual, but rather an amalgam the many stories related to us during the process of making the show, by young people with Care Experience some sad, some funny, some terrifying, all very real and very important. 

Awards and Nominations:
Winner: Creative Communities Award - Allianz Arts & Business Awards:
Winner: Fionnuala Kennedy: Irish Writers Guild Awards Best Theatre Script
Nominated: Emma Jordan Best Direction at the 2020 Irish Times Irish Theatre Awards

East Belfast Boy

East Belfast Boy

Solas Nua and Prime Cut Productions are delighted to announce the US premiere of the film, East Belfast Boy. Originally created for stage in 2018, the award-winning production has now gone Digital. Filmed throughout East Belfast in the summer of 2020 by Ciaran Bagnall and directed by Emma Jordan, this newly curated screen version of East Belfast Boy will premiere with Solas Nua's festival. 

Written by Fintan Brady, East Belfast Boy was originally created by Partisan Productions, through a community collaborative process, engaging young men from the Belfast’s Beersbridge and Newtownards Road areas, to be part of the creative process.

Ryan O’Neill, who plays ‘Davy’ portrays the story of all the things he sees in his streets; his mates; his girl…and The Boys. Pumping techno, pulverising movement and street sharp poetry, East Belfast Boy is a cliché-free zone.

East Belfast Boy features a stunning physical performance by dancer Ryan O Neill, with voiceover by actor Terence Keeley and a thrilling updated soundtrack by Phil Kieran.

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