Shorts Program 1 • CIFF 2021

Short Films Poster

Shorts Program 1

Saturday, March 6th • Available from 9 AM ET

Total runtime approx.: 70 min

Time Traveller (2018)
A BACK TO THE FUTURE-obsessed Traveller boy strives to finish building his own DeLorean replica before his family is evicted from their halting site. DIR/SCR Steve Kenny
PROD Collie McCarthy
Ireland, 2018, color, 11 min. NOT RATED

Ascending Grace
It is the first day in a new job for a female pilot, working with an all-female crew on a fully booked flight from the West of Ireland.
DIR Claire Byrne
SCR Karen Healy
PROD Fiona Kinsella
Ireland, 2020, color, 11 min. NOT RATED

Wet & Soppy
A weather-tormented man who just wants to dry his underwear is forced to use the local laundromat each evening.
DIR/SCR Cliona Noonan
PROD Stephen Fagan.
Ireland, 2020, color, 4 min. NOT RATED

A Better You (2020)
Living in a neo-steampunk dystopia, Douglas enlists the help of "A Better You" to help him win the girl of his dreams.
DIR/SCR Eamonn Murphy
PROD Quintin Ahern
Ireland, 2020, color, 16 min. NOT RATED

Reunion (2020)
A former gangster and her estranged son meet at the wake of his father.
DIR/SCR Stephen Fingleton
PROD Paul Kennedy
Ireland, 2020, color, 12 min. NOT RATED

We Don't Choose How
Young homeless couple Jenny and James survive day to day in their tent. When James is confronted with a sudden, life-altering event, he must choose how best to move forward given his circumstance.
DIR Natasha Waugh
SCR/PROD David Christopher Lynch
Ireland, 2020, color, 16 min. NOT RATED

Please note: This title is available to viewers located anywhere in the United States and U.S. Territories. 

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