What's On Your Walls? - a show & tell domestic gallery [Rewatch ▷]

What's on your walls

A shared storytelling experience from Solas Nua

This event took place:
Sunday, December 13, 2020

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Created by John King, Temidayo Amay, and Rex Daugherty
Directed by Rex Daugherty and Rebecca Wahls

Over the past year, we’ve covertly glimpsed into each other’s homes more than ever before: at posters and bookshelves and furniture and pets and questionable choices regarding décor. How we choose to curate our living spaces - and what governs those choices - can say a lot about our lives and the times we’re living through. There are stories in the things we hold onto, the things we surround ourselves with, the things we display. For us, while navigating the hellscape of this past year, we’ve found a lot of joy in the passing comments about everyday objects that have shown up in the background of each other’s screens; little stories that make up the fabric of our lives and reveal more than we realize. When was that photo taken? What was the first song you learned on that guitar? Where did that stain in the wallpaper come from? How many of those books have you actually read? (be honest). At another time, those questions might have seemed invasive. But we’re way past that now.

The wealthy deceased of Ancient Egypt were buried with their belongings, with food and furniture and depictions of the major events of their lives. What would you take with you, if you could? What would you save from a fire? Where’s all this stuff going after you’re gone, and who decides? What’s On Your Walls? is an intimate and informal show-and-tell, an opportunity for audiences to present an everyday artifact and the story behind it, however small. A gentle, interactive celebration of story-telling, curiosity, and nosiness.

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